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He won the Dakar himself, signed the first Kimi contract, beat everyone in the WRC


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Speckled cabeson

The speckled cabbage is a species of birds of the warty family.

The species is common in the northeast of South America. The range of the species in the south is limited by the Amazon Valley, in the west by the mouth of the Rio Branco.

Males have a bright red forehead, which is separated from the beak by a thin black stripe. The top of the head is indistinct yellow and gray with longitudinal stripes, on the back there is a yellow V-shaped pattern. A black stripe runs from the beak through the eyes to the neck. The upper body is black with separate yellow markings. The chest and abdomen are yellowish-white, on the lateral sides of the body there are large indistinct gray spots, which in some individuals have a teardrop shape. The beak is short and strong. The color of the beak is very diverse and can vary from silvery blue to gray, turquoise or horny. The eyes are brown to red, the unfeathered area around the eye is gray-blue. Females have plumage very similar to that of males.

Inhabits the upper layer of forests. Kept alone or in small groups. It feeds mainly on the fruits of trees, less often on insects.

Both parent birds are involved in the construction of the nest. It is usually found at a height of 4.8 to 12 meters above the ground. Reproductive biology is not well understood. There are three - four eggs in a clutch. The breeding period is unknown, the nesting time is 34 days, and the parent birds take care of the young birds for about three more weeks.

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Spotted cabeson Capito maculicoronatus. 3577. Orange-fronted Capito squamatus. 3578. Capito niger speckled cape. 3579. Gold. Piciformes: Woodpeckers. Wild boars: Speckled fish wild boars - Paristiopterus Cabesotes :. Catfish Coridoras speckled photo Photo albums MIR. And colors: grivele, her gray piebald spotted, speckled grive boar thrush. cabeson. kagu. goose. white-fronted goose. barnacle. Express issue 2013 Russian Ornithological Journal. The speckled cabbage is a species of birds of the warty family. The species is common in the northeast of South America. The range of the species in the south is limited by the Amazon Valley, in the west by the mouth of the Rio Branco. Males have a bright red forehead, which is separated from the beak by a thin black stripe.

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Translation of speckled stallion from Russian into all languages ​​1. speckled stallion. Interpretation Translation RUS speckled cabezone m. 3. Royal Aquariums buy fish, filters and pumps for. Capito Barts Cabes Capito quinticolor Five-color Cabesons Capito niger Speckled Cabes Capito auratus Capito brunneipectus. Japanese crossword 34344. Capito niger, speckled cape, Rio de Janeiro, 1849. Chaetura cinereiventris, gray-necked needletail, Rio de Janeiro, December 1840. Columbigallina.

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Caption. Cantiones sacrae Barbed speckled cabeson. Discussed topics. Other videos User Agreement Copyright holders. Barded. Spotted. Translation: adj. macchiato, maculato pezzato chiazzato speckled. sika deer renna pezzata. Russian Portuguese dictionary. Fish. Ancistrus. Urgently. - buy in Moscow, price 50 rubles, date. Cerro Campana 7 ° 58 ′ S, 185 species and Cerro Cabezon 7 ° 54 ′ S, goat-horned, speckled, four-ribbed astrophytums are grown. Russian name for fish and fish-like in the range from Ka to Kd. 1 speckled ambistoma f 2 3.4 1 speckled toad f 2 3 4 816 B. mac rot is Boulenger turnip f 2 cabezon 3 Dumerils Schie nenschildkrote. Wild boar fish speckled, Paristiopterus, Text, Video, Genus Family Order Cabeson, Scorpaenichthys marmoratus, Text Photo, Video, Genus. SOM ANCYSTRUS dolphins pseudotropheus gourami marble. gourami marble BARBUS SUMATRANSKY. BARBUS SUMATR Speckled catfish.

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When Jost Kapito last played in F1, he had been with McLaren for less than five months. But that was more of a problem for McLaren than Capito.

Jost Kapito, now appointed CEO of Williams, is not well known to most Formula 1 fans, and if you limit yourself to studying his short career in the World Cup, it may seem that this is not God knows what kind of manager. In fact, the 62-year-old German is one of the most influential people in the entire racing world. Plus, his whole life is connected with racing. Judge for yourself.

Been racing for the first time before birth

Jost's father Capito was not a billionaire like Lawrence Stroll or Dmitry Mazepin - but his sons just didn't seem to have a chance not to get carried away by fast driving. Karl-Friedrich Kapito (who will turn 90 next year) owned a small home heater company and invested a lot of his free time and profits in racing.

Moreover, Capito Sr.'s love for competitions was so great that even his wife's pregnancy did not become an obstacle to traveling as spectators to the Tourist Trophy motorcycle race in 1958. "I could not see the motorcycles then, but I must have heard the sound of the engines!" - jokes Jost Capito, who was born a few months after this trip.

With co-driver Mikka Anttila at Rally Australia 2015

Photo: Volkswagen Motorsport

He himself was clearly not far from his father's apple tree. In those years in Germany, it was possible to participate in motorcycle races only from the age of 16 - and of course, if you had the right to drive a motorcycle. According to Capito himself, the very next Sunday after his 16th birthday, at three o'clock in the morning, he picked up his new license at the police station - and already at eight in the morning, after traveling 250 km long, he entered the paddock of his first race.

Won one of the hardest races in the world

In the first half of the 80s, Kapito Sr., first on his own, and then with the help of the plant, built trucks for the Dakar based on the military version of the Mercedes-Benz Unimog. These cars looked modest against the background of the twin-engine DAF that had already appeared then and later became legendary. But the small size and low weight made it possible to gracefully maneuver between stones and potholes, and the relatively low height did not waste time in the forests and jungles, through which larger trucks had to literally cut through.

The Dakar crews of the Capito team also included his two sons - and Jost, together with his father (as a mechanic), was lucky to win the 1985 race. It was not the first and not the last of five Unimog victories at the Dakar - and yet it was significant enough for the Mercedes-Benz cargo department to build a replica of the winning car for the recent 60th anniversary of the model (the original was written off as a result of a road accident).

With Stoffel Vandorn at the 2016 Japanese Grand Prix as McLaren CEO

It is noteworthy that Jost Kapito forged the sporting glory of Mercedes-Benz, being an employee of ... BMW. The young engineer, barely graduated from university, became one of the authors of the first M3 in history - in particular, Capito worked on the intake and exhaust manifolds of the iconic S14 engine.

Became the "father" of several famous sports cars

Now the so-called hot hatchbacks are no longer particularly exciting for young people who use hoverboards and are accustomed to car sharing - but ten years ago, the differences between MPS and OPC or RS and JCW (prefixes used for “hot” versions of relatively inexpensive cars) were of great interest to the guys and girls who have watched the Fast and the Furious films and read a lot of tuning magazines.

One of the most popular consoles was the ST, and its most popular carrier was the second generation Ford Focus ST. Initially, the favorite project of managers of the "blue oval" was the more powerful and extreme version of RS, but the terms of work on it turned out to be much longer than the original ones, and the cost price was much higher than planned. It was Capito who proposed to focus on the ST compromise. Yes, it did not break records for acceleration to a hundred - but it was much more convenient as a car for every day, and attracted attention to itself without any problems with its branded orange body color and various decorative details (both did not cost Ford too much).

Together with M-Sport CEO Malcolm Wilson at the presentation of the second generation Ford Focus WRC

Photo: Ford Motor Company

As a result, ST flashed in considerable quantities on the streets (including in Russian cities) - and the RS remained a track toy that was sold at a price below the cost price.

Prior to this episode, Capito had a hand in the birth of the Porsche 964 RS (the first production car on which the brand's racing department worked), and after that, he oversaw the development of the first Shelby GT500, especially powerful and fast versions of the Ford Mustang in recent history.

Together with Volkswagen, put everyone on the shoulder blades in the world rally

Four wins in a row in the WRC is far from a record streak. For example, Lancia won six team titles in a row - and Loeb's nine consecutive championships behind the wheel of a Citroen are not worth talking about. And yet the Volkswagen team left a noticeable mark on the history of the World Championship - not so much by the number of victories and podiums as by the absence of failures.

For example, on the account of Loeb and Citroen there is a loss to the Solberg-Subaru pair in 2003, and a couple of lost team titles during the Frenchman's dominance, and a noticeable drawdown in the results after Loeb's departure. Volkswagen did not know defeats in the WRC: the Germans took both titles on the first try, and after four seasons of dominance, they left undefeated, sharply curtailing the program of performances in the top class. And if Sebastien Ogier was driving the fastest VW Polo all these years, Jost Capito was at the helm of the team for most of its existence.

At the 2015 FIA Awards with the WRC Team Championship Cup

By the way, the aforementioned two team titles, lost by Citroen, also went to Capito - more precisely, to the M-Sport Ford team, whose activities Capito controlled as head of the racing department of Ford Europe.

Was fired from McLaren after 5 months of work

Although the main sporting successes of Capito are associated with four-wheel drive cars that drive on the ground, Formula 1 for the German is by no means terra incognita. For example, it was Capito who signed for the first contract of Kimi Raikkonen on behalf of Sauber, who briefly served as the executive director of the Swiss team.

More fateful - for both the manager and the team - should have been the appointment of the German as CEO of McLaren. But in the end, Capito took this job longer than he worked later. The British team announced the appointment in January 2016 - but Capito was supposed to take up his new duties only after Volkswagen found a suitable replacement for him. The search dragged on - and the German took office only on September 1. And already on December 19 he was removed from this position.

Fernando Alonso at the start of the 2016 Italian Grand Prix, the first Capito race with McLaren

However, this does not mean at all that the German managed to quarrel with everyone in a short time and make major mistakes. The problem was that Capito was the last notable protege of Ron Dennis - and that the owners of McLaren were just actively wiping out of the management of the company. And the new CEO, with all his experience and previous merits, just fell under the cut as Dennis's man. But he did not remain without work - he was immediately taken back to Volkswagen to work with a line of "hot" versions of production cars.

Now Capito, on the contrary, comes to Williams at the behest of the new owners. And in theory, I should stay in the championship longer than the last time. But for how long? After all, it was a German who once said in an interview: "After a couple of years in Formula 1 it becomes boring."