Bird Families

Which invasive species need to be eradicated urgently? We now have a list


  • finch weavers
  • lesser spotted woodpecker
  • common shrike
  • accentor
  • gray shrike
  • ringed dove
  • long-tailed tits
  • songbirds
  • golden bee-eater
  • earthen finches
  • long-winged parrots
  • horned lark
  • black-headed goldfinch
  • house sparrow
  • cactus wrens
  • yellow wagtail
  • hawk warbler
  • water shepherd
  • deaf cuckoo
  • funeral cockatoo
  • sea ​​plover
  • saxaul jay
  • reed warbler
  • city ​​swallow
  • African crake

Making the Word Map better together

Hey! My name is Lampobot, I am a computer program that helps to make a Map of Words. I can count very well, but so far I do not understand well how your world works. Help me figure it out!

Thank! I began to understand the world of emotions a little better.

Question: persistent - is it something neutral, positive or negative?

Sentences with the word "bulbul"

  • Flocks bulbul and parrots come to feed on their flowers, plump matrons ask the boys to climb a tree and collect buds for them to cook.

Map of words and expressions of the Russian language

Online thesaurus with the ability to search for associations, synonyms, contextual links and examples of sentences for words and expressions of the Russian language.

Reference information on declension of nouns and adjectives, conjugation of verbs, as well as the morphemic structure of words.

The site is equipped with a powerful search engine with support for Russian morphology.