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Man is by nature a rather cruel creature. It is not surprising that history knows a huge number of cruel rulers who controlled their subjects through terror and mass executions. But there were also those among them whose cruelty went beyond all conceivable limits.

Genghis Khan went down in history not only as the creator and first khan of the Mongol Empire, but also as one of the most cruel tyrants in the history of the government. So that you understand the extent of his ruthlessness and thirst for conquest: historians attribute to Genghis Khan the responsibility for the death of 40 million people.

This number also includes the number of prisoners tortured to death. Torture was common among the Mongols when molten silver was poured into the mouth and ears of the victim. And Genghis Khan celebrated the victory over the Russian army at the battle on Kalka with special sophistication: he tied the princes, crushed the immobilized from above with shields and platforms, and then made a feast on an impromptu platform.

Needless to say, all the tied people were suffocated or crushed.

Caligula was the emperor of ancient Rome and a very perverse torture lover.He lived for 29 years, but this is not surprising, considering how many enemies the emperor made for himself. There were many attempts to kill him.

Caligula loved to humiliate and watch suffering. Since Caligula himself did not have a pleasant appearance, he hated handsome and young men. He ordered to either kill or disfigure them. Caligula humiliated men in other ways: he raped them or raped their wives, and then told the details in front of the whole court.

In terms of bullying and suffering, Caligula loved executions in the central squares. He ordered to bring the parents and relatives of the victim, and to the executioner to carry out the torture as slowly as possible. As a result, the victim was cut with a saw along the body, and the relatives of the unfortunate were obliged to watch everything, not even daring to close their eyes.

Caligula loved only his horse, giving only a drop of his humanity to the animal.

Attila was the ruler of the Huns and for this he killed his own brother. His name is still associated with cruelty and aggression, because Attila was known for his love of conquest. So everything he wanted was getting, regardless of the number of victims and the methods of killing them.

The tomb of Attila has been sought for 15 centuries, but the burial place is shrouded in mystery. It is only known that he was buried in a dug out grave at the bottom of a deep river in three coffins. Attila's wife was buried nearby, although the woman was alive.

Ruler Vlad had at least two nicknames that are known to a wide range of people. These are Dracula and Tepes. The nickname "Tepes" originates in the word "stake", and all because Vlad was a great lover of public executions of innocent people precisely through the use of colossing. Often the corpses of the deceased were found drained of blood, hence the rumors that Vlad Tepes was drinking the blood of his victims.And the legends about the vampire Dracula reached his contemporaries.

Many stories explain the cruelty of Vlad by a difficult childhood in Turkish captivity: in him, Tepes was subjected to many tortures and, there are suggestions that he watched the rape of his brother by the Turkish sultan.

Tepes is also known for the event called "Bloody Easter", when he gathered all the boyars he disliked at dinner and killed them. That night, according to the assumptions of historians, between 50 and 500 people died.

Adolf Eichmann

Eichmann was a German officer and employee of the Gestapo. He was the one who authorized the sending of Jews to death camps. In August 1944, Adolf reported to the leadership for the extermination of four million Jews.

He was called the man who was responsible for the final decision of the Jewish people.

Joseph Stalin

Soviet politician, the attitude towards whom is still ambiguous. Some consider Stalin to be a wise ruler and a man thanks to whom the USSR came to victory in World War II. Others consider Stalin a cruel tyrant, who got rid of any people inconvenient for him: from Mensheviks to brilliant cultural figures.

The years 1936-1938 are considered the years of repression and executions, a day in Moscow a thousand people could be shot. The number of repressed people in these years is about 5 million.

Under Stalin, it was normal practice to prosecute late workers. All prisons were filled with people taken into custody for this offense.

Adolf Gitler

The ruler of Germany, who established a fascist regime on the territory of the country during the years of his power.The man who started World War II when he brought his troops into Poland in 1939.

He is also known for organizing the mass extermination and torture of residents of the occupied territories.