Bird Families

Alcippe peracensis)


Genus of Alcippe - Alcippe

  • Alzippa chestnut
    Alcippe castaneiceps = Pseudominla castaneceps
  • Fulvetta mountain
    Alcippe peracensis
  • Nepalese Alzippa
    Alcippe nipalensis
  • Alzippa brown-cheeked
    Alcippe poioicephala
  • Fulvetta white-browed
    Alcippe vinipectus

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Apus is the Swift, the fastest bird on our planet that never lands directly on the ground.

The purpose of our "Swift" is to collect all the most interesting information about wildlife and share it with you.

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Photo "Mountain Fulvetta (Alcippe peracensis) in Dalat, Vietnam" can be used for personal and commercial purposes according to the conditions of the purchased Royalty-free license. The image is available for download in high resolution quality up to 5760x3840.

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As of February 2018, the genus includes 17 species:

  • Alcippe morrisonia Swinhoe, 1863 - Gray-cheeked alzippe
  • Alcippe peracensis Sharpe, 1887 - Malay Alzippe
  • Alcippe variegaticeps Yen, 1932 - Yellow-fronted alzippe
  • Alcippe cinerea Blyth, 1847 - Yellow-throated alzippe
  • Alcippe poioicephala Jerdon, 1841 - Gray-headed Alzippe
  • Alcippe dubia Hume, 1874 - Olive-sided Alzippe
  • Alcippe nipalensis Hodgson, 1837 - White-eyed alzippe
  • Alcippe rufogularis Mandelli, 1873 - Red-necked alzippe
  • Alcippe klossi Delacour & Jabouille, 1931
  • Alcippe brunneicauda Salvadori, 1879 - Brown-tailed alzippe
  • Alcippe pyrrhoptera Bonaparte, 1850 - Redback Alzippe
  • Alcippe grotei Delacour, 1936
  • Alcippe fratercula Rippon, 1900
  • Alcippe castaneceps Hodgson, 1837 - Chestnut Alzippe
  • Alcippe hueti David, 1874
  • Alcippe brunnea Gould, 1863 - Red-capped alzippe
  • Alcippe davidi Styan, 1896

Some species, previously referred to as alcipps, have been transferred to the family of warblers Sylviidae:

  • Alcippe vinipectus, Alcippe cinereiceps, Alcippe striaticollis and Alcippe ruficapilla are in the genus Fulvetta.
  • Gold-breasted alzippe Alcippe chrysotis belongs to the genus Lioparus.
  • The nun Alcippe abyssinica and the Ruvenzor alzippe Alcippe atriceps are in the genus Pseudoalcippe.

  • Gold-breasted alzippe Lioparus Gold-breasted alzippe Lioparus chrysotis Fulvetta Red-shouldered alzippe Fulvetta ruficapilla Mountain alzippe Fulvetta
  • 2018, the family includes 15 genera and 70 species: Alcippe Blyth, 1844 - Alcippe 17 species Gampsorhynchus Blyth, 1844 - White-headed thymelia 2 species Graminicola
  • vinipectus Alcippe cinereiceps Alcippe ludlowi Red-throated alzippe Alcippe rufogularis White-eyed alzippe Alcippe nipalensis Red-back colored thimelia
  • ptilosus - Fluffy Tit Bubbler Alcippe brunneicauda - Brown-tailed Alzippe Parus cinereus - Gray Tit Sitta frontalis - Black-fronted Nuthatch Chalcoparia

Article source:

Sylviidae LifeCatalog.

Alzippe? Alzippe Malay Alzippe…. Babaks This a requires significant processing. Perhaps it is necessary. How bright, how uncompromising, she came from herself. Genus Alcippe Alcippe ex. family Garrulacidae or subfamily Garrulacinae. Genus Alcippe Alcippe peracensis. Alzippa chestnut. Author Laskovaya Received reviews on the site Izba Reading room. Chestnut Alzippe Alcippe castaneceps is a bird from the Pellorneidae family. Inhabits Alzippa's nests are placed among the thickets of bamboo. Chestnut-headed Alzippe Alcippe castaneceps. In different sources, representatives of the genus Fulvetta may also be included in the genus Alzippa: Brown-headed Alzippe Fulvetta cinereiceps ,. ORNITOLOGISTS IN THE LAND OF THE PEOPLE TUTSZIA topic of scientific article. Newt Alpine longhorn beetle Alticamelus Altirin Altispinax Alzippe Alaskacephalus Alaskan hare Alaskan spine.

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Altsippe lat. Alcippe is a genus of passerine birds from the Thymus family. Views. Gray-cheeked alzippe Alcippe morrisonia Malay alzippe Alcippe Bird watchers in the land of the Tujia people Elements of great science. To the top, adventurers are greeted by the flute call of gray-winged thrushes and the gentle chirping of a gray-cheeked alzippe. Morrisonia Stock Photos, Royalty Free Morrisonia pictures. Gray-cheeked fulvetta, Alzippe morrisonia Royalty Free Stock Photos Gray-cheeked fulvetta, Alzippe morrisonia. Morrisonia Stock Photos and.

Alzippe is What is Alzippe ?.

Anqing. Alcyone star. Alsira. Alzi. Alzippe. Alcina opera. Alzino Corvette, 1805. Alziato. Alcin, Joseph. Alcyone almanac. What does agqi mean? Aghtsi wiki, Aghtsi meaning 24re. Suddenly a thin ray will appear, like the beak of an alzippe, it will fall into the heart until it is logical to be unprincipled and calmly walk in a better future.

Singing songbirds passeri structure IPEE RAS.

Although the position regarding the basal family of warblers remains unclear. Gold-breasted alzipps Lioparus. Gold-breasted alzippe Lioparus. Intellect Server Quiz with cash prizes. Altsippe Amadina Amazon Cavalla Amazon Mueller Amazon weasel. Amazonian dolphin. Amazonian manatee. Amazon howler. Amazons. Chestnut Alzippe Alcippe castaneiceps Birds. Alzippe Amazonian umbrella bird Amazonian sword-billed poison dart frog Amazonian teal American goose American coot. Animals starting with the letter A is a complete list of animals on the planet. Belt, and on the way to the top, adventurers are greeted by the flute call of gray-winged thrushes and the gentle chirping of a gray-cheeked alcippe. Nature №8 2014 Russian Academy of Sciences. Modern scientists distinguish 7 species within the genus Alcippe: Brown-tailed alzippe Alcippe brunneicauda Alcippe grotei Gray-cheeked alzippe Alcippe.

Taxonomy Genus: Alcippe Alcippe Zooclub.

Large, forest, red-necked, striped, yellow-winged, collar yukhina, mountain, brown-headed and red-shouldered alcipppa, red-tailed mupinia,. What animal names do you know with the letter A? Answers. The site provides a variety of information about domestic and wild animals: species, care, maintenance, feeding, treatment. And also fairy tales for.

Alzippe with comments.

Altsippe is a genus of passerine birds from the family of earthy thymelia. 60 Polyanovsky O.L. V.A.Engelgardt and A.A. Baev in science and V.A. The Malay bird Alzippa is related to the common sparrow.

Birds of the world: posts of the VKontakte community.

The genus of Alzippe The genus of Alcippe photo Alcippe. Genus Amaurocichla Genus Amaurocichla photo Amaurocichla. Genus Amphilais Genus Amphilais photo Amphilais. Juniper lentil articles on ornithology. Information What. Classification and types of birds, care, feeding, photos of birds: Chestnut Alzippe Alcippe castaneiceps. Bird of the Thymus family translation from all languages ​​into all languages. Alcipppa Reissue 2. 2 Government of Moscow Moscow State.

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