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Brown bullfinch is a primitive species from the genus of bullfinches, probably close to the ancestral form of the genus


When winter comes, small red-breasted birds fly to the cities. These are bullfinches flying in a ringing flock. Today we will tell you what kind of bird is a bullfinch - whether it flies where in summer, why in winter in the city and why its breast is red.

Male Bullfinch (Pyrrhula pyrrhula)

Who are called "living lanterns"

In winter, the forest cannot boast of a special variety of colors. All around are blue-white snows and the dark green of conifers. And suddenly, among this diversity, lights flash - these are red-breasted bullfinches flying from branch to branch.

Are all bullfinches the same?

All types of bullfinches are similar in size. The birds are small, slightly larger than a sparrow. All have a slightly elongated black tail, a short thick beak and a black cap on their heads.

The brown bullfinch (Pyrrhula nipalensis) lacks sexual dimorphism: males differ from females only by an imperceptible red speck on the wing

But the color of the thick fluffy plumage in the rest of the body may vary. In males, the entire breast is bright red, almost scarlet in color. Females are colored more modestly - their breasts are brownish.

There is a kind of bullfinches, in which the back is white at the bottom, and the entire front part, shoulders and neck are gray, which is why they are called so - gray bullfinches. Others have a yellow color on their back, and their name is yellow-backed. The red-headed bullfinch has a red cap on its head. Here are how different bullfinches can be.

The red-headed bullfinch (Pyrrhula erythrocephala) is the most abundant species of this genus in the Himalayas

In total, 9 species have been identified, and the shades of plumage are different for everyone, so the opinion that all bullfinches have a red chest is wrong.

Where do bullfinches live

Bullfinches inhabit the entire forest zone of Europe and most of Asia. In Russia, they can be found in all forests where conifers grow, and even in the forest-steppe zone.

The bird is sedentary, but you can watch it only in winter. Often they fly to city parks and gardens to feed themselves, then they can be seen well. Bullfinches hang on the branches like living lanterns.

Bullfinches are calm and friendly birds, fights between them very rarely occur, and the whole flock flies to the squeak of a bird in trouble

But in the summer it is difficult to notice them, so some people think that bullfinches fly away to other lands. They do fly, but only deep into the deep spruce thickets, where they will build their nests.

Listen to the voice of a bullfinch

The flock flies very beautifully, its flight resembles iridescent river waves.

Orange-breasted male bullfinch greedily pecks berries

Breeding bullfinches

As soon as the frosts recede, and the sun warms up more, so immediately in February-March, bullfinches begin to attract each other with their songs. Their quiet melodic whistling is heard far away. And what is interesting, unlike all birds, females also sing among bullfinches. True, their song is unsightly, like a creak.

These birds form a pair in April and begin to build a nest in a hidden, secluded place. For this, impenetrable thickets of spruce are just suitable. A nest is built from small twigs and roots on the thin ends of spruce branches, less often pine. Therefore, the number of bullfinches in spruce forests is much higher than in some others.

A female of the common bullfinch at a carefully camouflaged nest with chicks (right)

Closer to summer, when the chicks are already hatching, the parents begin to molt, so down and small feathers are also added to the nest.

The female incubates the eggs, and the male brings her food for the entire nesting period.

The chicks differ in color from their parents, the color of their feathers is rich brown and there is no black cap on the head.

Azores Bullfinch (Pyrrhula murina)

Towards the end of autumn, the family begins to wander in search of food. And when the snow falls, you can see them well. That is why they say among the people: "Bullfinches have arrived - they brought winter on their wings."

Do bullfinches eat only rowan berries?

Most often, in photos or paintings, these birdies are depicted sitting on rowan branches. Her berries are their favorite food. Moreover, they do not eat the pulp, but only peck out the seeds. Because of this, gutted red crumbs of berries are always scattered under the tree in the snow.

In general, their nutrition, despite the fact that it is only of plant origin, is quite diverse. In winter, these are the seeds of alder, maple, ash, hornbeam, elderberries. In the summer, in the fields, they feast on the seeds of quinoa, burdock, horse sorrel and other herbs.

The Ussuri bullfinch (Pyrrhula griseiventris) differs from the ordinary bullfinch in that only its throat is painted red

They rarely eat insects. Always careful and rather shy, they become clumsy and slow during feeding. And having arrived to feed in the garden, close to a person's dwelling, birds often fall into the paws of a cat.

Bullfinches take root well in captivity, so they are kept in cages like songbirds. They breed easily and delight the owners with cheerful whistles and bright festive outfits.

Do you know how much smaller is the smallest bird than the largest butterfly? Do you want to know? Then you are here!

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Brown bullfinch

The brown bullfinch is a primitive species from the genus of bullfinches, probably close to the ancestral form of the genus. It is found in the coniferous forests of the mountains of South Asia, Taiwan and Indochina. Almost brown bullfinch belongs to the group of Masked bullfinches, but this species is very close to black-capped bullfinches. Of all the bullfinches, this species has signs of the formation of a black "cap".

1. Description

The bird is small in size, with a sparrow. The plumage of the head around the beak and eyes is black. Flight and tail feathers are also black with a blue metallic sheen and a scaly pattern. The loin is black, the uppertail and undertail are white. The tail is long, stepped with a deep middle notch. The rest of the plumage is brown or gray-brown cheeks. Sometimes black feathers on top of the head form a scaly pattern in the form of a "cap". The iris is brown or yellow.

Male, female. Sexual dimorphism is practically absent. Males are distinguished by brighter and more contrasting plumage. The most extreme tertiary flight feather in males has a red spot, in females - a yellow spot.

Chicks Predominantly ocher-brown plumage, paler than parents.

2. Distribution and taxonomy

Among all masked bullfinches, it has the widest distribution and largest sizes. Five subspecies.

  • Pyrrhula nipalensis victoriae Rippon, 1906 - East China.
  • Pyrrhula nipalensis Hodgson, 1836 - Himalayas.
  • Pyrrhula nipalensis uchidai Kuroda, 1916 - Taiwan.
  • Pyrrhula nipalensis ricketti La Touch, 1905 - western China.
  • Pyrrhula nipalensis waterstradti Hartert, 1902 - mountains in the south of the Malacca Peninsula. Yellow rainbow. The cheeks are white.

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What a bullfinch looks like.

Common bullfinch pyrrhula L Nature of Evenkia. Pyrrhula nipalensis - brown bullfinch Pyrrhula aurantiaca - yellow-backed bullfinch Pyrrhula erythrocephala - red-headed bullfinch. Why are bullfinches gray. Finches: bullfinch, shchur, tap dancers, linnet, hurragus. And in other regions of Eurasia and on adjacent islands, the brown bullfinch Pyrrhula nipalensis and the yellow-backed bullfinch Pyrrhula live.

What do bullfinches eat?

Bullfinch State Institution Directorate of Protected Areas. In fairness, it should be noted that among bullfinches, only males are handsome, and females have a grayish brown color. Bullfinches are possible. Bullfinches. Bullfinches are extraordinary! In contact with. Figure 1. Distribution of brown bullfinches. Designations: 1 nesting area of ​​the brown bullfinch P. nipalensis 2 area of ​​the barnacle.

How a bullfinch winters.

Bullfinches - photo, description, area, diet, enemies, population. Brown bullfinch. It belongs to the group of masked bullfinches and lives in the mountain coniferous forests of Indochina and South Asia.

Bullfinches feathered lanterns Encyclopedia of animals.

The most famous and widespread of them is the common bullfinch. He lives throughout Europe, Siberia ,. Bullfinches and waxwings flew to Vladimir: what is impossible. Common bullfinch Pyrrhula pyrrhula. English. Bullfinch Him. cap, wings and tail. The female is brownish gray above, pinkish brown below. Common bullfinch. Indeed, the bullfinch, along with the brown bear, could even now become a living symbol of our cold country. After all, it nests.

TAMING SNOWGROUND Science and life.

Brown bullfinch lat. Pyrrhula nipalensis is a primitive species of the bullfinch genus, probably close to the ancestral form of the genus. Found in conifers. Genus Pyrrhula Brisson, 1760: composition, distribution, etc. Brown bullfinch. It belongs to the group of masked bullfinches and lives in the mountain coniferous forests of Indochina, South Asia, Taiwan. We invite you to familiarize yourself. Knife AiR Bullfinch CM 100X13 Knife shop Forest Home. The young bird resembles a female in color, has an ocher bloom, the sling on the wing is ocher, the head is monophonic, brown without a black cap, etc.

Brown bullfinch Birds.

Knife AiR Bullfinch CM 100X13 in Forest Home store at an affordable price! Delivery across Knife AiR Bullfinch CM steel 100X13, handle brown textolite. Brown bullfinch is What is Brown bullfinch ?. Brown bullfinch and everything about him. Where it lives, what it eats, what this little bird looks like. A little about the nesting of brown bullfinches. Bullfinches Pyrrhula This is a genus in which there are 9 species. A bullfinch is common if on a winter morning to be on the edge of a spruce. The male has bright pink feathers on the chest and abdomen, the female has smoky brown. Brown Dictionary Multitran. Brown bullfinch. Brown bullfinch photo. It belongs to the group of masked bullfinches and lives in mountain coniferous forests.

Bullfinch Birds of Altai.

The female is pinkish brown below, and brownish gray above. It can only be confused with a female gray bullfinch. Young until July – September, depending on. Buy home felt boots in Moscow in the online store Slavenki. The common bullfinch is widespread in coniferous forests from the western ones. On the surface of the egg are scattered specks, dots and dashes of red-brown and. Gift package Bullfinches 15x11 cm in Ivanovo. Legs are blackish brown, beak is black. The female is colored similarly, however, the red color of the underside is replaced by brownish brown, sometimes with wine. About the bird of 2008 Russian Bird Conservation Union. Highest classification:

Brown Bullfinch Knowledge card.

Both males and females sing at bullfinches. Nest is built on a tree, mainly on spruce. The clutch contains 4 6 bluish eggs with brown spots. Scientific. Taxonomy Species: Brown bullfinch Pyrrhula nipalensis Zooclub. Distribution of brown bullfinches. 1 breeding area of ​​brown bullfinch P. nipalensis 2 area of ​​barnacle bullfinch P. leucogenys 3 P. n. nipalensis 4 P. Bird Bullfinch Pyrrhula food, species, interesting facts, photos. Bullfinch, bird of the year. The ancestor of all modern bullfinches is the brown or Nepalese buffalo finch as the bullfinch is called.

Bullfinch, or common bullfinch pyrrhula Birds.

Lovers of bird cages have had bullfinches from time immemorial with a brownish-brown plumage, without a black cap on their head. Brave V.M. School atlas guide to birds. Detachment. Birds, while females have a grayish brown breast. There is an interesting legend about why bullfinches have a bright red belly. Bullfinch bedding set 1.5 joint ventures to buy on the Internet. The brown bullfinch belongs to the group of masked bullfinches and lives in the mountainous coniferous forests of Indochina, South Asia, Taiwan. Its plumage. School atlas guide to birds. Bedding set Snegiri 1.5 cn buy at a low price with delivery all over Russia. Impeccable quality. Brown bear 160 210.999 rub.

Pyrrhula nipalensis. What is Pyrrhula nipalensis.

The brown bullfinch Pyrrhula nipalensis lacks sexual dimorphism: males differ from females only by an imperceptible red speck on the wing. Presentation Research work Bullfinch on mine. Color and size of eggs: Light blue with reddish-brown specks 2x1.5 cm. Pinicola enucleator. Schur. Area in Russia. Taxonomy: Order :. SUBGROUND BROWN SOUTH EASTERN ASIAN Bullfinches. Brown bullfinch Pyrrhula nipalensis Yellow-backed bullfinch Pyrrhula aurantiaca Red-headed bullfinch Pyrrhula erythrocephala Gray-headed bullfinch. The bullfinch is brown. The female is pinkish brown below, and brownish gray above. It can only be confused with a female gray bullfinch. Juveniles are grayish brown dorsally.

Common bullfinch Ecological center Ecosystem.

Chuni Flying bullfinch. RUB 3,290 Chuni Brown bear. RUB 2,990 Hit. Chuni Titmouse. 3 190 Chuni A pair of bullfinches. RUB 3,290 Chuni Winter bullfinch. Bullfinch Russian folk bird 7dach. English Russian. Alaskan brown bear brown bear Ursus arctos Mazama gouazoubira. brown bullfinch brown bullfinch Pyrrhula nipalensis. Dear parents Kindergarten №379. Eyes are brownish, legs are dark brown, almost black, beak is black. In adulthood. It differs from the male in a more brownish back and absence. Bullfinch Pyrrhula pyrrhula. Birds of Siberia. Only males have a red breast, while in females it is brown with a slightly orange tint. Bullfinches build nests in dense forests.

Bullfinch Animal world of Russia.

Females are snow maidens, dressed more modestly: they have brown breasts. Bullfinches are the only birds of central Russia that sing and. Bullfinches and tap dancers have chosen the cornices of Omsk high-rise buildings. The wings and tail are black-brown, the stripes on the sides of the tail and on the shoulders are white. Bullfinch Pyrrhula pyrrhula. The size of a sparrow. Top of the head and.

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